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20% Off Online TEFL Courses with TEFL Lemon and ITTT

Whether you’ve decided on a year or two of travelling the world and teaching English to fund your travels, or you’ve got your heart set on a new and rewarding career of teaching English as a foreign language, then you’ll probably already know that you’re going to need some type of official English teaching qualification to prove that you’re serious about teaching and that you know your stuff. Time to get TEFL qualified with our AMAZING 20% off discounts!

There are a number of choices of teacher training courses available to new teachers, all with different prices and different quantities of hours you’ll need to put in to get your teaching certificate. However, in a nutshell, these TEFL courses can be split into two main groups: in-house training and online training.

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In-house TEFL courses require full-time study, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and will involve actual teaching practice. Due to the nature of the hours, you’ll either need to take a month off of work, or more likely, quit your job in order to get TEFL qualified.

The other type of TEFL course, and the course we’ll be looking at here, is online training. Both in-house and online courses will prepare you very well for a career in English teaching overseas, however the online course is cheaper, more flexible and allows you to stay in your job as you train to become a TEFL teacher. Importantly, 120 hour online TEFL courses are fully accepted by 99% of schools and for work visa purposes in the vast majority of countries. If you’re on a budget or have work commitments, then online TEFL training is the route you should be looking at.

TEFL Lemon partners with ITTT (International TESOL and TEFL Training), which is one of the top providers of online TEFL courses in the world. ITTT has been given a 9.6/10 rating for the quality of their courses, trainee support and ease of use. Importantly, all ITTT TEFL certificates are accredited by OTTSA. This means that your TEFL qualification has weight and global recognition with schools around the world.

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Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose anything from 60 hours online tuition all the way up to a 240 hour diploma for those who want to really let their CV shine. However, most schools look for at least a 120 hour TEFL certificate, so this is usually the most popular choice among TEFL trainees looking to teach overseas. The courses aren’t only open to native speakers, as long as you have an excellent level of English and can understand the course materials, then you’ll be welcome on the course. This makes ITTT courses particularly attractive to local teachers looking to improve their skills and qualifications. Should you be looking for extra help, then video support is also available to you. Click here to go direct to their website.

As ITTT partners, TEFL Lemon can offer 20% off of all ITTT online TEFL courses. So, not only will you be doing one of the best online TEFL courses available, you’ll also be able to save a massive 20% on the cost of this course. Click here to go to the ITTT website to look at courses. When you go to the checkout, the 20% discount will automatically be deducted. To speak to ITTT live chat, then you can click here to ask any specific questions you may have. To go straight to their register page to book a course click here.

Good luck with your online TEFL course and prepare for a wonderful new chapter teaching overseas as a qualified TEFL teacher!