Coin Flipper

This activity is especially for those classes where you're teaching kids how to tell the time. There's a few different ways you can put a twist on this game, but the basics remain the same. For this activity, bring in a few coins from home

For this activity, bring in a few coins from home. On the whiteboard, draw about 20 clock faces or so with different times like below.

coin flipper page.jpg

Divide your class into two or three teams. Put three board magnets on the first clock. If you don't have board magnets or your whiteboard is acrylic, then you can use a different coloured board marker dot or coloured paper and sticky tape.

Ask the first team what the time is on the clock their marker is on. If they get it right, then they can come up to the front and flip a coin. If they get heads, then they move their marker on two clocks. If they get tails, then they move their marker on one clock. It's then the next team's turn.

Each team take turns to say what the time is and flipping the coin. The first team to make it to the end is the winning team. You can also play this game by drawing the time on paper plates and putting them in a winding line on the floor, that's super cool!