Draw the Job

Quite often during your English teaching career, you'll find yourself teaching a unit about jobs and occupations. If you're currently teaching a topic about jobs, then this ESL game will fit your class perfectly.

It takes about 20-25 minutes and allows your students to practice jobs and occupations vocabulary.

Before class in the teacher's office, prepare some mini-cards of some common jobs and occupations, such as teacher, doctor, shop worker, businessman, baker, butcher, carpenter, etc. Ideally, these should be jobs your class has already been studying. A good way to do this is to get a cheap pack of playing cards and then sticking white paper onto the card and writing / drawing the job, however slips of paper work just as well if you're in a rush.

Draw the job page.jpg

In class, divide your class into 2-3 teams. Clean off the whiteboard and have all your teams sitting together in groups. Have one student from the first team come to the front of the class. The student takes one of your job cards and them have a look. They cannot show anyone else the card. Take the card back from the student and put it to the back of the pile. 

The student now has 30 seconds to draw a picture of the job which they chose. After 30 seconds their team can try to guess what the job is. If the team guess correctly, then they get one point.

If they can't guess correctly, then one of the other teams gets to try. If another team guess correctly, then they get two points. Keep taking turns until all your job cards have run out. The team with the most points is the winner.