Word Box

This is a fantastic review activity for your class and is perfect if you have an old cardboard box sitting around doing nothing in your house. Choose some key vocabulary which the class has been studying in the last few weeks. About 12-20 words is good. Write each word on a piece of card or paper and fold in half. Put all of your words into the box and bring it to class.

Word Box.jpg

Divide your class into two or three teams and choose a team to go first. One student comes up and takes a card from the box. They have one minute to DESCRIBE the word to their team (they can't say the actual word!) Once their team has guessed the word, then the student at the front can pick a new word. After 60 seconds, their time is up and it's Team 2's turn. Team One keep any words that their team won.

One player from Team 2 now comes up and chooses one random remaining words from the box. Again, they only have 60 seconds. Keep going until all the words have gone.

The winning team is the team with most words at the end!