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the ownership theory put into practice

Tom Lake compares the Authoritarian Approach, and all of its shortcomings, with what he refers to as 'The Ownership Approach', where emphasis is put on trust between student and teacher, a strong work ethic and allowing students to express themselves and use their language.

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dealing with Chinese parents in schools in China

Many ESL teachers in China don't like Chinese parents constantly staring in through the window of their classroom. In this article, we try to explain why parents do this and why it's only natural. We also look at how developing better relationships with parents can help both you, your students and the school.


5 Common Grammar Mistakes all teachers can make

Many ESL teachers begin their career by being able to speak perfect English, but not actually knowing the rules of grammar, let alone being able to explain these rules to a class of students learning English. Here are some common mistakes which English teachers can make in class when teaching grammar.


Choosing the right TEFL training school

Choosing to do a TEFL course is a life-changing step for most people, opening up doors to travel and work anywhere in the world. However, a perhaps even more important step is choosing the right TEFL centre for you. Not all training schools are of the same quality and you should certainly 'look before you leap!' Here are some things to consider before choosing your course.

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So you're a TEFL teacher...what next for you?

Many TEFL teachers end up teaching English overseas and feel they are stuck in a dead-end job, but there are very easy avenues for TEFL teachers to move into better jobs with a higher salary. This article looks at options for teachers hoping to move up in their career.