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Hot Marker

The problem with Chinese Whispers, especially in China where I teach English, is that children often try to get an advantage by shouting what the message is down to the front of the line, rather than whispering the message from person to person, missing out half the line. The children will 'win' the game, without practicing their English skills. 'Hot Marker' aims to stop this happening.

Get your students into two lines facing the board. If you have lots of students, then you can make three lines. Usually in Chinese Whispers, the message is passed down the line and the kids at the front of the line have a board marker and will write down the message. In this version, the teacher gives a board marker to the last students at the back of the line, along with a short sentence or word. 

Hot Marker.jpg

As a student whispers the message from the teacher into the ear of the student in front, only then, can the board marker be passed on to the student receiving the message. Keep the message and the board marker moving forward to the front of the line.

When the message and board marker eventually reaches the front of the line, the front student can write the message on the board.

The first team to write the message correctly wins a point. If there is any cheating, the board marker moves to the back of the line! This punishes any cheating!