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There could be many reasons why you've got no lesson plan, sometimes the school has made a mistake with scheduling and have called you in last-minute. Usually you've messed up in some way (hey, we've all done it!), and now need a last minute lifesaver!

Whatever the reason, there are lots of great ways to have an extremely successful ESL class without a lesson plan or materials. Here are a few ways below!

The Greatest Ever Invention



In pairs, ask your students to make a list of 15 good inventions e.g. paper, the vacuum cleaner, planes, chopsticks, ladders, antibiotics, soap, the internet. Take three ideas from each group and write these inventions on the board. Fill the board with ideas. There should be no duplicates on the board.

Students then have to come up to the board one by one and rub off one invention which they think isn't the most important. They then have to explain why it isn't as important as some of the others on the board. This can create controversy! Keep going until there is just one left. This creates a lot of discussion. The last remaining invention is THE GREATEST EVER INVENTION!

Time: 60 mins


Words on the board

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Write 10-15 random words on the board e.g. bike, plastic bag, TV, thief, etc.

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Students then have to write a story using the words or make a role-play in groups involving some of or all of the words. This can be very creative.

Time: 60 mins+


Dialogue Build


Put students into pairs and give each pair eight strips of paper. Ask them to write out a dialogue between two people, with each sentence on one strip of paper (so their dialogue has eight sentences). They should then mix these up and give them to another pair. The other pair must try to put the sentences in order and act out the dialogue

Time: 60 mins+

Have fun and never panic!!

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                                       by Stuart Allen