My journey taking the ITTT 120-hour online TEFL course

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I’ve just enrolled onto the ITTT 120-hour online TEFL course with video support from tutors. After many years out of being trained as a new teacher, I’m going back to the ‘classroom’, well the virtual-classroom anyway, to begin training once more as a new English teacher. Many of you may be asking why I’ve done this, and I’ll get to that, but first a little bit about my early days as a TEFL trainee…

My first TEFL course training in Brighton, UK

I’ve been living and working in China for over 15 years and originally trained to become an English teacher in my hometown of Brighton and earned my teaching certificate back in 2002. I elected to do my first TEFL course as an in-house course, having to quit my job and travelling an hour each way to get to the TEFL training centre, which was a big Victorian town house in Brighton which offered TESOL training to new teacher trainees and also short-term and long-term English language courses.

An in-house TEFL course

My course was four weeks in length, with teacher training taking place from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Following a long day of TEFL teacher training, we were given nightly written assignments and teacher portfolio to keep up with. Even though I did my training so long ago now, I can remember clearly everyone on my course and the content within the TEFL course. This included sections on teaching grammar, the awareness of grammar itself (I’m a native speaker, but I didn’t know the names for all of the tenses or have any idea about how to go about teaching these to others), unknown language and how it feels to be a language learner myself (we learnt Indonesia Bahasa), sections on classroom management and how to control classes, lesson timing, engaging with ESL students, using TEFL supplementary materials, course design, etc, etc. So much was packed into the four-week TEFL course and it was exceptionally difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages of an in-house TEFL course

One of the benefits of the in-house TEFL course over a 120-hour online course was being able to teach real ESL students and have my teaching observed and assessed by our teacher trainer, as well as the fellow trainees and there were observed teaching practice feedback sessions most days (another benefit of having foreign students learning English in our TEFL training centre). That said, as I’m sure all experienced teachers reading this will agree that we really learn to become teachers actually in the classroom once we start the job! The Downside to doing an in-house TEFL course is 1) you have to quit your job to do the training and 2) the cost of the course is usually 5x as much as doing an online TEFL course; prohibitively expensive to many TEFL teacher hopefuls.

Getting a job after passing your TEFL course

Once I passed, then I applied for a few teaching jobs in China and got my first break in Xi’an (the home of the Terracotta Warriors) as a young TEFL graduate going abroad to teach English for the very first time. Less than six weeks later, I was taking off from Heathrow for my new life as a newly-qualified English teacher. Finding a teaching job after I finished TEFL training was much easier than I expected. I was a bit daunted that I wouldn’t be able to find a TEFL job after teacher training, but I had three interviews and was offered a job by all three schools! If you’re worried about finding a job as a TEFL teacher after you’ve done your TEFL training, then don’t be; there are thousands of jobs out there for good teachers who have done the standard 120-hour TEFL training course.

Why am I doing the ITTT 120-hour online TEFL course?

Good question and the reason is two-fold. Two years ago, I wanted to give TEFL Lemon followers who were interested in getting TEFL qualified some sound advice about who you should go with when it came to online teacher training courses. Because there are so many companies out there who offer online TEFL training, it’s hard for teachers to know which courses are better than others and which TEFL training companies are reputable. I researched a number of online TEFL certificate providers and the name ITTT just kept coming back time and time again as one of the top providers of online and in-house TEFL course providers anywhere. I got in touch with ITTT and was able to negotiate 20% off the cost of all online TEFL courses with ITTT for TEFL Lemon followers.

A couple of my friends ended up taking the ITTT 120-hour online TEFL course with video support via TEFL Lemon and I got back fantastic comments on all areas of the course and how well the TEFL course prepared my friends for teaching English and delivering better ESL classes than before they began the class.

Online TEFL training in the ‘Virtual Classroom’

Since that time, many TEFL Lemon teachers have done the ITTT courses using our discount coupons and are now teaching all over China and internationally. However I’ve never done the course myself. What better way to really understand what the online TEFL course with ITTT is like than to go through each module myself as a new learner would. I’ve also elected to get the premium TEFL course and have enhanced video and tutor support.

The second reason for doing this course is to brush up on my own teacher skills and classroom awareness. Having taught English for so long, perhaps I’ve slipped into bad habits and this 120-hour TEFL course with ITTT and TEFL Lemon will act as an excellent way to get back on track and to make sure my teaching skills are where they should be.

Joining me on my journey to becoming TEFL qualified with ITTT

The 120-hour online TEFL course with ITTT contains 20 units, all designed to give both new and more experienced teachers what they need to do a great job in the classroom and to give English students excellent English classes. The 120-hour TEFL course is the internationally recognised norm for getting quality teaching jobs and qualifying for working visas, too.

I’ll be adding to this blog after each unit to say what I learnt on the unit and how this will help me as an English teacher. However, I just won’t be solely singing praises of the ITTT online TEFL course; if I feel that a unit is lacking and didn’t prepare me adequately, then I’ll be saying so. My role here is to give TEFL Lemon followers and those reading this online a clear picture of what the 120-hour online TEFL course with ITTT offers you. I hope you find it useful. If you want to do your own online TEFL course with ITTT and get the 20% discount then you can click here now.

This has been a bit of a long intro and thanks for staying with me. I’ll be back every few days to let you know how the teaching course is going….wish me luck!!

by Stuart Allen

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