ITTT Online TEFL Review: Teaching Future Tenses

Unit 8 ITTT Online TEFL Course.jpg

We are pushing really far into the ITTT 120-hour course now and the half-way point is getting near! This unit on the ITTT online TEFL course is named ‘Future tenses’. Here, we’ll look at how future tenses are put together and some cool ways to teach and present the language to our students.

I think of all of the time tenses within the English language, the future tense causes the biggest problem for teachers, particularly in regards to the precise meaning and usage of the tenses. This, in turn, makes teaching future tense grammar in English classes pretty daunting as the teacher often lacks confidence in their own subject knowledge.

Unit 8 of the ITTT 120-hour course focuses on the future tenses, namely:

- Future Simple

- Future Continuous

- Future Perfect Simple

- Future Perfect Continuous

- Going to 'future'

The unit also looks at a few other structures which can be used to talk about the future. The are:

  • Be going to + infinitive (for example, “It’s going to rain later”)

  • The Present Simple (for example, “The planes takes off in a hour”)

  • The Present Continuous (for example, “I’m meeting her for coffee tomorrow”)

Each time tense is clearly laid out with relevant example sentences so that teacher trainees can work out each section and better understand the usage of each future tense. The form of the sentence for each future tense is all there for trainee teachers to read, take in and understand.

Teaching grammar is not easy, but this unit will help teacher trainees taking the online TEFL course and will prepare TEFL teachers for real teaching. Each unit comes with practical teaching ideas with teachers can use in their classes for when they are teaching future tenses. This is real, practical help for teachers to learn how to teach future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous.

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