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A message from Stuart Allen at TEFL Lemon

I'm from Brighton, on the south coast of England, the home of deck chairs, fish 'n' chips in newspaper, seagulls and pebbly beaches. Brighton is famous for hosting foreign students learning English and this is where my love affair with TEFL began...

I started teaching English in China in 2002, going there as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young teacher. Since that time, I've taught all ages, all levels and have spent thousands of hours searching for teaching material, not being able to find the perfect thing and then writing my own. I started this website as a way of sharing my work and ideas to help other teachers in their own classes and I'm very happy that you've decided to be here.

TEFL Lemon contains a ton of free teaching ideas, language games, warmers, ice-breakers, tips for new teachers, ELT articles, guest writers, video ideas for teachers, jobs, flashcard games and a load more. I hope you like this site and come here often; I'll try to add new material when I can.

I always love to hear from like-minded teachers, so please do feel free to get in touch with comments, questions or ideas, I promise to get in personal touch with you as quickly as I can.

Thanks again for stopping by here and I hope this site helps you in your bust life as a language teacher.

Stuart Allen

Owner, TEFL Lemon