ESL Games for Teens and Adults

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A big misconception is that TEFL teachers can only put ESL games into kids classes and that they can’t put ESL games into teen and adult classes. Maybe they think that playing games in adult classes is too immature and the teen and adult students won’t respond to playing language games as well. The truth is that teens and adults love playing language games as much as the kids. ESL adult games are loved by teens and adults because it provides an opportunity to change the rhythm of the language class and your students can practice language and review vocabulary in interesting ways.

A little different to ESL adult speaking activities, adult language games have a little less speaking involved and can be used to practice particular grammar structures or recent vocabulary. By using these ESL activities and games for adults, teachers can focus on particular skills, rather than just general ‘speaking’.

In this section, you can find lots of language games for adults ESL. Each ESL game for teens and ESL games for adults are perfect to pop into the middle of your TEFL lesson for adults to add some fun and humour to the language learning process. If you have any teens ESL games or adults ESL games, then please do message us and we will publish your adults speaking games.

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Swatter Stories

Take a short story, the lyrics of a song, a short dialogue, basically any bit of text. Choose about 20 vocabulary or lexis items from the text and write them on the white board. Don’t write the words in neat columns, but instead have them written spread all over the whiteboard or even at different angles. Get two teams and have them facing the board with fly swatters in their hands. Read on…

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Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire is usually a pub drinking game, but by changing the rules, you can turn this into a very high quality ESL Game for Teens and Adults. Your students will be picking a playing card and then asking and answering questions. An excellent adults ESL game to get students speaking. All you need are playing cards!