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If you are teaching English in kindergarten or to primary kids, then having a decent set of printable alphabet flashcards saved to your computer is something you’re certainly going to want in your teaching tool bag!

You’ll find alphabet flashcards probably your most important set to own, as they are so many activities and flashcard games you can use A-Z flashcards with. Whether it’s handing a letter to each student and asking them to stand in order from A-Z, throwing a soft bean bag onto a certain letter of the alphabet flashcard, running to the board and touching the correct letter flashcard, phonics activities with alphabet flashcards, whatever!

Please click the button above to download our beautiful set of alphabet flashcards for ESL classes completely for free! Each flashcard comes with all 26 letters of the alphabet, in both lower and upper case, so there are lots of different games and learning ideas you can play with these flashcards to help your kids to read. Please feel free to share the TEFL Lemon Alphabet Flashcards should any teachers in your school also be teaching their students to identify the alphabet, letter sounds, be teaching phonics activities and teaching the A to Z.