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TEFL Lemon Halloween Games and Activities for English Schools

Halloween has rolled around for another year (actually my favourite event of the year!) and, if you are a teacher in an English school, then you’ll probably be looking for some amazing Halloween themed activities and Halloween party games for play with your kids this year.

Putting on a great Halloween party in your English school is fantastically fun and a good idea for lots of different reasons.

  • Your kids will love dressing up in Halloween costumes and the spooky look of your school!

  • It introduces for them some western culture and let’s them practice their English in fun ways

  • You, the teacher, can have more fun during the working month by playing Halloween games with them and decorating your classroom and English school with pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, witches and black cats!

  • It’s also a perfect way to promote your school, as parents will be taking photos and videos of the Halloween party and Halloween Games to post on their Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc

If you’re looking for some good Halloween Activities and Games for your English school, then you’ve found a great place! We’ve scoured the internet for Halloween ideas, and I’ve also delved deep into my magic hat for good Halloween activities you can play in your school and classroom!

All of the Halloween activities are super easy to set up and you’ll probably just need 2-3 days to write down your Halloween supplies and get them ordered online. Hopefully, you’re not reading this on October 31st and did some prep work!

Simply click to download our free TEFL Lemon Halloween Party Games for English Schools PDF and we hope you and your kids have a wonderful and very scary Happy Halloween!!!

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