What is TEFL Lemon?


Free Teaching Resources

TEFL Lemon has hundreds of free teaching resources and ideas for busy English teachers, both for kids classes and adult classes. Probably half of an average teacher's week is spent lesson planning and thinking of activities for the coming week's classes. We aim to be a important stop for ESL teachers looking for free teaching materials and ideas. No matter which age group you teach, we'll have something for you. 


Getting your ESL class off to good start is essential. One way to do get your class going and your students ready is to use warmer exercises; light-hearted, fast activities to engage students. TEFL Lemon has many free TEFL warmers for Kids and TEFL Warmers for Adults and we'll try to add more every week so keep your classes fresh and alive.

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Books from TEFL Lemon

In 2017, we wrote a book for teachers called 129 Different TEFL Lemon Flashcard Games. The book contained, yes you've guessed it, 129 different flashcard games for teachers to use in their classes. The book was a sensational success and has helped 1000's of teachers to add some fun to their classes. The book is easy-to-use and will keep you covered for many years. You can buy the ebook on this site. Coming soon is The TEFL Lemon BIG Book of Classroom Games.

ELT Articles

In this section, you'll find a number of ELT articles about classroom approaches, methodologies, professional development, life in schools, teaching in China and a whole lot more.

We'll also have featured contributors and we welcome your work, too! If you want to be a contributor, then please do get in touch with TEFL Lemon on our contact page.

Make a coffee, sit back and enjoy the articles!