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A Shark's Coming!

Many of you will be kindergarten or early primary teachers, and if so, then this ESL classroom game or warmer is perfect for you. Your kids will also burn off some of their ever-lasting energy!

Using numbers + ‘How Many?’

In 'A Shark's Coming!', the kids will be practicing hearing and thinking about numbers in English and also asking 'How many?' Your kids will not only need fast feet in this ESL game, but will also need to think fast!

Shark is coming.jpg

How to Play

When you're ready, shout 'sharks coming!', hold out your arms in front of you and start clapping your hands together like shark jaws snip snappin'! 

Here, the kids need to shout 'how many?!', and the teacher shouts out a number. The children then have to get into groups of that number, hugging each other for safety as quickly as possible! For example, if the teacher shouts ‘five!’, the the kids get into groups of five.

Any students not in a safe group are out. The kids who are out, move to a safe area at the side until the next new game. Now, all the kids mingle together again and the teacher yells 'Sharks Coming!'.

Again, the kids shout 'How many?' and the teacher shouts a new number. Keep going until only a few kids are left and these are the winners.

This is a fast-paced ESL game for kids and excellent practice for numbers. You can play this game as a warmer, game to practice numbers or as a filler. You can play this a few times to make sure every student gets some good game time. Each time, change the number of sharks that are coming.

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