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Beautiful Animal flashcards for ESL Classes

If you are a TEFL teacher, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to be teaching animal vocabulary in your ESL classes, particularly if you teach young children. To help you, we’ve designed a set of beautiful animal flashcards for your ESL classes.

The full set of animal flashcards contains 21 full-colour flashcards, with the name of the animal on the back of the flashcard all in lower case, so you can play different reading games and flashcard games with your students. Simply print off the free animal flashcards, add the word to the back and then laminate them. Your animal flashcards will last you for many years and will be a very good resource for the teacher’s office.

The ESL animal flashcards include the following words: bear, bird, cat, chicken, cow, deer, dog, elephant, fish, giraffe, horse, kangaroo, lion, monkey, panda, parrot, pig, rabbit, snake, shark, tiger.

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Flashcards designed by Stuart Allen

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