Balloon Voleyball.jpg

Balloon Volleyball

Clear a big area in your classroom and divide your students into two teams. Put a line of chairs down the middle of the classroom to divide it into two halves.

Have your students spread out on each side of the 'net' like two volleyball teams.

Balloon Voleyball2.jpg

Get a balloon and throw the balloon to one team. Whenever a student hits the balloon, they must say a word from a topic you give.

The object is for teams to score a point by the balloon touching the floor on the opposing team's side. Students cannot move their feet and must stay planted on the floor.

The first team to ten points is the winner! If a student hits the balloon without saying a word, then they lose a point. Change topics often and have fun!

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box 400.jpg

Word Box

This is a fantastic review activity for your class and is perfect if you have an old cardboard box sitting around doing nothing in your house. Choose some key English vocabulary which the ESL class has been studying in the last few weeks.

Hot Marker2.jpg

Hot Marker

The problem with Chinese Whispers is that children often try to get an advantage by shouting what the message is down to the front of the line, missing out half the line, rather than whispering the message from person to person. The children will 'win' the game, without practicing their English skills. 'Hot Marker' aims to stop this happening.