Grammar will always be one of the biggest obstacles which your English language students will need to overcome. Whether it's people new to learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) or more advanced students who have been studying for a number of years, mistakes in teaching grammar to students and a lack of understanding of English grammar by teachers can have dramatic effects on your students’ learning process and you can end up losing credibility in the classroom.

Listed below are the Top Five Mistakes When Teaching:


1.    Mixing up adverbs and adjectives:

I would like to learn English perfect. A good example of how a small mistake can cost students.

2.    Making mistakes describing the perfect tense:

Past perfect, present perfect, future perfect. Get your head around these and be confident in explaining the rules BEFORE you go into the classroom!

3.    Incorrect Prepositions:

Prepositions are among the most troublesome facets of learning any language so be certain that you use clear and fundamental illustrations.

4.    Being consistent with the use of articles (a/an/the): 

You’d think that this was pretty easy, but teachers get tired and mistakes are more common than one would think. Students can and do spot these mistakes, but for those who don’t spot them, you are helping them to pick up bad habits in speaking and writing.

5. Incorrect Word Order:

This is a typical and quite common error when giving English lessons. Constantly keep in mind that foreign language students have a tendency to interpret literally from the first language into English.

So watch out for these five common mistakes when teaching grammar and continue the fantastic work!