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Ghosts & Spiders

Ghosts and Spiders is an ESL classic whiteboard game for kids and an absolute winner if you teach Young Learners. The best thing about this ESL whiteboard game is that you need very few things to set up. Kids aged 4+ will really respond to playing Ghosts and Spiders and it will help them to review new words or simple English sentences very well.

Click the video above to see how to set up Ghosts and Spiders!

What you’ll need to play this ESL whiteboard game?

You'll need a whiteboard, large dice (the bigger the better!), board magnets, board marker - if your board isn't magnetic, simply draw a different shape for each team, such as a little square, circle, triangle for each team, etc.

How to Play Ghosts and Spiders

Divide your class into two teams. If you have a large class, then you can divide them into three or four teams just as easily; it still works very well. Draw the following on the whiteboard:

Ghosts and spiders board.jpg

Put both teams' board magnets in one of the grey sections at the start of the game. Both teams start with five lives. Choose a team to start and ask them an English question - this could be a 'What's this?' (pointing at a flashcard) or any simple question from your text book. You can also bring realia from home, such as items of clothing or fruit. If the team or student get it right, then they can roll the dice.

Move the team's marker around the board the number of moves shown on the dice. If they land on a ghost or a spider, then they lose a life! Make a spooky, scary noise when they land on the booby square! Arrrgghhhhhh!!!

It is now the other team's go. Ask and question and move them around, losing a life if they land on a ghost or spider.

If a team lands on a grey section on the whiteboard, then they don't lose a life or gain one. If they land on the shield, then they get one life back. Keep playing until one team has no more lives. The first team to lose all of their lives is the loser. This ESL whiteboard game is a fun way to break up the lesson and for the TEFL teacher to check what the kids know or what they may have forgotten. Perfect for Halloween, too!

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