Teaching ideas for teens and adult classes

This page is for teachers who regularly teach English to teens and adults. The ESL resources here are for a more mature audience, with lots of speaking activities, role-play, ideas to improve fluency and pronunciation, mingling activities and the like. You should find something here for your classes regardless of level.


A Super Cool Way to teach English idioms

Idioms play an important role in authentic language and there are hundreds of idioms that you will hear and use in English conversation every week. It's important for ESL students to be able to understand and common English idioms

This is a full lesson plan for English teachers to teach English idioms to teen and adult students.

Teaching a good ESL class with no lesson plan or materials

There could be many reasons why you've got no lesson plan, sometimes the school has made a mistake with scheduling and have called you in last-minute. Usually you've messed up in some way (hey, we've all done it!)

Whatever the reason, there are lots of great ways to have an extremely successful ESL class without a lesson plan or materials. Here are a few ways here.



5 Unique Shopping Role-Plays

Here are five unique shopping role-plays for your English class, where students are dissatisfied with something and the manager has to sort out the problem. All five situations are completely different, so you can give a problem to each pair of students or small group.


The London Taxi Cab

This is an awesome speaking activity for adult ESL students, full of authentic language and realistic situations. Students are put into pairs to think of questions they might be asked by a real London cabbie and then role-play being in a London cab.

Einstein’s Riddle: an awesome test for your teen and adult ESL students

Einstein’s Riddle is an excellent IQ and critical thinking test which has been adapted to use in the ESL classroom with teen and adult students. Your students will work together to solve the puzzle, practicing speaking skills, improving pronunciation and tuning their listening skills. Einstein’s Riddle is a perfect ESL lesson plan for lower-level ESL teen and adult students.

Einstein TEFL Lemon.png
Swatter Stories2.png

Swatter Stories

This is a very easy teaching activity which will help with your students English listening skills. You can play it with children, but I actually think this TEFL activity is best suited to teens and adults. For this game, all you need are two fly-swatters and a short story. You can also play this language game with music, too.