power flower2.jpg

Power Flower

A nice low-energy warmer for kids classes if you want to ease nicely into your class without too much madness early on. This is a pair or small team warmer, where the kids can use their text book or mini-dictionary to help them.

Put your class into pairs or small groups. Try to get some space between your groups, so they all have some privacy and thinking space. 

power flower page.jpg

Next, draw a big flower on the board with petals and a few leaves. On each petal and leaf, write a couple of different letters, similar to the flower show above. Make sure there are at least 1-2 vowels.

Tell your students that they have five minutes to try and write down as many words as they can only using the letters on the flower. They can use each letter more than once in a word, but may not use any other letter than the ones now on the board. The team with the most words at the end of the winner. This is an easy, no-prep warmer to a class.