Printable ESL Worksheets for Kids

Supplementing your English classes with printable worksheets is a great way to change up your lesson and have your kids focus on what you’ve been teaching in your class. If you’ve just finished a language game and energy levels are high, having your kids work on their own or in pars on a printable worksheet can lower energy levels and will give you a bit more breathing space, too! a little Have your kids practicing their English in a more controlled way with these amazing printable ESL worksheets. Just print them off and head into class!

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Amazing Christmas ESL Worksheets for Kids from TEFL Lemon

Download our free Christmas ESL Worksheets for Kids PDF pack. If you’re teaching Christmas-themed ESL classes, then you’ll love these Christmas worksheets and Christmas colouring pages for ages 4-12. There are also some Christmas ESL worksheets for teens and young adults. too.