ESL Flashcard Game for Children: Siege!

This ESL flashcard game requires your kids to think and act quickly!

Getting ready

Prepare one flashcard for each student in your class and review these thoroughly before starting. When you are ready, get all of your students to stand in the middle of the classroom in a big circle.

How to Play

In front of each student, place a flashcard on the floor facing in the direction of the middle of the circle. Finally, choose one of your students to stand in the middle.

The student in the middle calls out a flashcard. The student who has that flashcard in front of them must react quickly and call out a different flashcard within the circle.

Whichever student has that flashcard must quickly call out a different flashcard, and so on and so on. Whoever is too slow to react or just messes up somehow, goes into the middle and the student in the middle switches place with them in the outer circle.

Whenever someone new goes into the middle, students move around to the flashcard on their left so that each student needs to remember the names of more than just one flashcard. By the end of this flashcard game, each student would have probably been behind ten or more flashcards!

This keeps the kids on their toes and having to remember more vocabulary as they come under fire from their classmates! Keep it fast paced and fun! Whoever is in the middle after ten minutes is the loser. If you want to finish the game with no loser, then the teacher goes in the outer circle and kills the game by purposely messing up and going in the middle themselves!

You can probably play this flashcard game with teens and adults, too!

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Brain Drain2.jpg

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Give groups of students a flashcard and they must write down as many associated words as they can with that flashcard word

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Make a Copy

Arrange your students into two lines and stick two identical sets of flashcards (just 3-4 flashcards in each set will do) on the board in front of the lines. The TEFL teacher now whispers to the last student in each line the order he/she wants the cards in. That message gets whispered down each line to make a copy of what the teacher said on the board!