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This is another ESL classic for teens and adults! In a nutshell, your ESL teen and adult students will write three fun statements about themselves and the other students need to guess which two statements are true and which statement is a lie. Lots of speaking, listening and writing in this one!

How to run the activity

The teacher starts this activity off by writing three statements about themselves on the board. Two must be true statements and one must be a lie. Make them all as funny as possible, but all believable.

Tell your students that these statements are all about you, the teacher, and that two are true and one is false. Ask the students to guess which one is false. Hand out your board marker and get the students to come one by one and put a cross next to the lie. Develop an interest in this activity before the students do it themselves. Now tell your students which one is the lie.

Your students should now be prepared for the main part of this activity. Tell them to write down three statements about themselves; two true, one lie. When they are ready, students should stand up and mingle, telling each other their statements.

Each student should listen and try to guess the lie, writing down the name of the student they spoke to and what they thought the lie was. After 10 mins, sit everyone down and hear which statements the kids' thought were lies; some definitely laughs and surprises in this activity! A good opportunity to expand a discussion too!