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ESL Game for Kids: The Ball & Sack

For this English teaching activity for children, you'll need a sack (any bag will do really), a ball of any size, bits of paper and a pen. A super-simple ESL review activity for a class of children.

Ball and Sack.jpg

Getting ready before class

Before class, get a load of slips of paper and write English questions on them appropriate to the level of your kids. Alternatively, you can have a picture of a vocab item you've been studying in class recently on each piece of paper, or a mixture of both.

Setting Up

Make a big space in your classroom, or take your children outside into a safe area if you have one. Form your ESL class into two teams and stand them in two separate circles. 

Give one circle the ball and, to the other circle, give the sack. Inside the sack place all of your questions / pictures. About 15-20 questions and / or pictures is perfect.

How to Play

When you're ready, start some music and have the first circle pass around the ball. At the same time, have the second circle pass around the sack.

Stop the music.

Whoever has the sack must take out a question and ask it to whoever has the ball in the other circle. If the student with the ball can't get it right, then other students in their circle can help them.

Start the music again and have the ball and sack moving around again.

After every three questions, switch the ball and sack to the other circles. Try to give everyone a go and keep going until there are no questions left. This is a quality ESL review activity which gets students up and out of their chairs producing language.

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