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The Best Websites for Printable ESL Worksheets

Usually as a TEFL teacher in English language schools, you’ll have a text book with a set curriculum which you need to follow over the duration of your course, whether it be for a class of young absolute beginners or a class of advanced adult students. You might have two pages in the text book to cover an ESL lesson lasting anything from 30 minutes, up to two hours. An experienced TEFL teacher will know that the way to do this is by using supplementary material covering the same language in the book.

Supplementary material can come in many forms, from music to PowerPoint presentations, dialogue students need to listen to or ESL printable worksheets.

For me, using ESL printable worksheets is by far the most common supplementary material, as they are easy to print and bring to class, require little preparation and there are a wide array of choices for TEFL teachers to find printable ESL worksheets online, which fit the topic or grammar point of their English class perfectly. There are some very handy websites out there which offer free printable ESL worksheets for teachers and students.

Here are a pick of some of the Best Websites for Printable ESL worksheets for you to use with your students in English classes.

ESL Tower is a good mixed-bag website for TEFL teachers with grammar printables, grammar games and quizzes, vocabulary printables, vocabulary online ESL games and English pronunciation exercises. There is a wide choice of ESL activities available for English teachers.

English Club has some neat ESL handouts for you to discover and print for free, along with other printable ESL worksheets and a worksheet maker should you wish to customise your worksheets a little bit for your classes. There are also skills lessons and TEFL training available.

This website doesn’t have the sheer number of free ESL printables that some of the other TEFL websites do on this list, but I like the simple layout and the printable ESL worksheets they do have are high-quality. They also have some nice phonics and early reader free printable esl worksheets for kindergarten teachers to use.

Kids Pages has free educational resources for parents and teachers and their list of printables worksheets for English teachers is pretty comprehensive. There are also downloadable flashcards, ESL colouring pages for younger learners and printable alphabet cards to brighten up your classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers is pretty well know in the field of education and it gives the opportunity to teachers who like to create their own material to sell this material to teachers who want to buy educational resources and use it in their school. This website has a very large selection of ESL supplementary material and there is a lot of free stuff available. Definitely worth a visit.

All Things Grammar is probably the best website out there for grammar-based printable ESL worksheets and there is a very handy A-Z list on the left-side of the home page so you can find exactly what you need for your English class. Teaching grammar can be boring for the students, but it’s essential for them to make the transition to competency, so should not be avoided. There are also other cool printables such as classroom attendance, lesson planners, class calendars and printable certificates.

ISL Collective is a community-based website for ESL teachers to share their worksheets for free. Because the community is so large, you are pretty sure to find any ESL worksheet you need here. As the number of ESL printable worksheets there are so varied and large in number, some will inevitably be better than others, so you’ll need to pick and choose. However, given half an hour of searching, then you should find the perfect free printable esl worksheets to cover a number of your classes for the week.

Englishwsheets has an awesome array of printable ESL worksheets to browse and find exactly what you are looking for to supplement your English classes. Again, on the left-hand side, you’ll find a list of grammar points and on the right-side, vocabulary topics. There’s also free writing worksheets and reading exercises to use in your English classes.

ESL Printables was my staple go-to for ESL printable worksheets throughout my own teaching career. It’s free to register an account and you then just need to share one worksheet which you’ve created yourself. This entitles you to download 30 worksheets in return every day and you get download points each time someone downloads one of your ESL printable worksheets. It’s a lot of fun and it has a great community and teacher forum. You can search by topic, grammar point, age of student or difficulty. There are also thousands of ESL PowerPoint presentations to download for free on a massive range of topics.

This is a quality website for ESL worksheets and other education printables. The best part of this website is the excellent selection of writing worksheets, which lay the foundations for your primary children to practice their handwriting in interesting ways. There are also printable worksheets which focus on behaviour, language, science, maths and social skills.

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