ESL Warmers for Teens and Adults

Teens and adults arguably benefit even more from a warmer as in introduction to ESL classes, as they may not have spoken English whatsoever for weeks or even months, and would benefit from a non-stress intro into your English class. This page contains some fun ESL warmers for teens and adults to help break the ice of the class. 


I have never...

This warmer is great for teens and adults, as it gets everyone speaking and moving around the classroom out of their chairs. Your students must say things they have never done before and the students which have done, must switch seats and move around the class. 'I have never' is one of my favourite ESL warmers for older students. 

The String Game

All you need for this warmer for teens and adults is a ball of string! This TEFL warmer is perfect for the first day back to class after a break and will provide lots of laughs in the classroom and among your older ESL students.

The String Game is a simple and effective warmer for your English class.


SAFE cracker

Many students studying English are very confident saying number up to 100, or even 1000. However, if you throw 2,563,209 at them, then they will really struggle to say this as fluently as a native speaker. 

Safe Cracker is a TEFL warmer / class activity helps ESL students to be able to say large numbers with more confidence. This is a clever teens and adults warmer which you and your class will enjoy.


Last Man Standing

In our ESL warmer 'Last Man Standing', your students will need to think fast and give a word associated with the topic to remain in the game. This is a great warmer to practice vocabulary skills and will get everyone involved. As students are knocked out of the game, the topic changes, keeping it fresh and fast-paced. Your older students will love this warmer!