ESL Flashcard Set: Feelings and Emotions

ESL Flashcard Set: Feelings and Emotions


These stunningly designed, bespoke Feelings ESL flashcard set contains all the major feelings and emotions that English language learners will probably be learning in your English classes. Just download and save to your computer, then print and laminate!

If you are a TEFL teacher or school looking for good ESL feelings and emotions flashcards, then you’ve just stumbled across the best!

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Feelings and Emotions ESL Flashcard Set

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Feelings and Emotions is a common theme in many English classes. Our fully printable ESL flashcards for Feelings and Emotions have been drawn by our in-house artist and are available no where else. If you are teaching young learners about Feelings or Emotions, then please do get our downloadable Feelings and Emotions Flashcards PDF.

About the TEFL Lemon flashcards

All the TEFL Lemon flashcard sets were bespoke-designed by our in-house artist (she’s very talented!) and will be found nowhere else online. Additionally, the font is also unique and super easy for for early readers, with no tricky letters which many fonts have.

This downloadable ESL flashcard set comes with the pictures on one side and the word on the other. This means that your kids can play a whole range of language games with them and you can test your kids as well using the flashcards.

These ESL flashcards are absolutely stunning and well worth having. Just, save, print, laminate and go!

What does this ESL Flashcard set contain?

This ESL flashcard set on Feelings and Emotions contains:

  • Happy

  • Sad

  • Hot

  • Cold

  • Hungry

  • Thirsty

  • Scared

  • Nervous

  • Excited

  • Suspicious

  • Surprised

Purchase our flashcard set on Feelings and Emotions and own one of the best sets out there!