ESL Printable Flashcard Set PDF: Body Parts

ESL Printable Flashcard Set PDF: Body Parts


Teaching ‘Parts of the Body’ or ‘Body Parts’ to young children remains a popular theme in many ESL textbooks or course syllabuses. This is because children can readily identify what they see in their books with their own bodies. Learning parts of the body seems more real to them than learning other vocabulary or things more abstract. Here are some beautifully illustrated ESL flashcards of body parts in PDF format for you to download and teach parts of the body to young children.

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ESL Flashcard Set in PDF: Body Parts

TEFL Lemon has been making ESL materials and lesson plans for English teachers for many years. Now, we’ve turned our expertise into making ESL printable flashcard sets for TEFL teachers to download and use in classes.

All of our ESL flashcard sets are full-colour and bespoke. They were designed by our in-house professional artist and are simply stunning, making a big impact on your students and their ability to acquire the language you are teaching.

Additionally, each flashcard has been designed to have the word printed on the back of the flashcard. The font we’ve picked is clear and easy to understand for first readers. You won’t find better flashcards anywhere in the world and your personal library of resources will instantly improve with these Body Parts ESL flashcards.

What does the ESL Flashcard Body Parts PDF set include?

This ESL flashcard set on Body Parts contains:

  • Head

  • Nose

  • Mouth

  • Hair

  • Ear

  • Back

  • Tummy

  • Arm

  • Hand

  • Finger

  • Leg

  • Knee

  • Foot

Purchase our flashcard set on Parts of the Body and own one of the best sets out there! Our Body Parts flashcard sets will be downloaded to you in very big PDF’s in high-quality and full-colour. Once you’ve paid, a link will be available and then simply download the Parts of the Body flashcard set PDF, print them out, laminate them and you’ll have a set of Parts of the Body ESL flashcards which will last many years.

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